Bad Dreams – Understand What Causes Bad Dream

Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

Bad dreams strike us from time to time. No one likes them. We react differently to bad dreams depending if we are an adult or children or a baby. Usually babies have what we call night terrors and are different from bad dreams. The difference is that bad dreams occur during the rapid eye movement (REM), which is the last cycle of the 5 sleep cycles. The REM cycle is when our brain creates body paralysis and where our dreams and bad dreams occur. Sleep paralysis protects the dreamer from moving out of bed while dreaming and therefore getting hurt.

Bad dreams come from our state of mind. It is often in close relation with our emotions. If you have lived a traumatic experience or a stress disorder not too long ago, it might be reflected in your nightly dreams. It doesn’t have to be a high emotional stress. You might be going through some momentarily stress like a new job, an exam or you’re simply moving out.

Another reasons why people have unpleasant dreams is the intake of some medicines like anti-depressants. The side effects may be the cause of episodic bad dreams. Or maybe you just stopped a certain medication that you were used to take. A low dopamine levels in your brain is also a cause. Vitamin B will increase your dopamine level and help you stop bad dreams.

Eating too much food before going to sleep is also a cause. Try to avoid junk food or spicy food. We suggest you drink liquid instead. Not too much, though because you will have to get up to go to the bathroom. Of course coffee, alcohol and drugs are not recommended.

Nowadays, a lot of people try different diets or switch from one to another one. You brain and your body metabolism have to adapt to those changes and all those internal chemical reactions within your body can cause anxiety dreams.

Another obvious cause is horror or suspense movies. Do we really have to tell you not to watch them. Especially children. Sometimes it may even be just a specific scene that attract the child’s attention. Here is a recent situation of mine. I have a 2 years old daughter who watched Finding Nemo the other day. Not a terrorizing movie for a children. But the sharks with it’s big frightening teeth and wicked behavior made their way to her imaginative mind and you can guess what happened.

Fever or some illness may contribute to uncomfortable sleep and bad dreams. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea or insomnia may also cause bad dreams.

Believe it or not but bad dreams are often beneficial for you. They are warning dreams to dreamers, especially if they are recurrent dreams. Keep in mind that your subconscious try to tell you something important. It may be a state of being you should change, or a behavior that is misleading you life. It is recommended to write your bad dreams and try to interpret them. Dream Interpretation is a great way to communicate your inner-self. It not only reduces the frequency of your nightmares but also may bring you peace of mind and happiness as you follow the yellow brick road your subconscious shows you.